Moutai Bulao 茅台不老酒 (53% Vol) -4*125ml


125ml x 4 (CTN)

Moutai Bulao is produced exclusively in the core manufacturing site of Moutai Group. It originates from Moutai Group’s “great healthcare concept”, which appeals for the living of a healthy life, drinking healthy wine in a healthy way. Moutai Bulao, a blending liquor, is launched as a supplement to the blank of Moutai Group in health wine sector. We advocate healthy living and strive to provide health caring products. Health is the key to life prosperity, family happiness, and of the long-lasting well-being.

Colorless or yellowish, transparent, distinctive sauce fragrance, pure and sweet aftertaste soft texture, a harmonious combination of various flavors, lingering aroma left in the cup. Moutai Bulao has a 53% alcohol concentration 53 (53% alcohol content is deemed as a perfect combination of water molecules and alcohol molecules), suitable for gifts to family and friends, or use for gatherings and business banquets, etc.