Ginseng Peptide Solid Drink 人参肽 -1box/64g

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1box 64g (16bag *4g) 


人参肽分子量在1000道尔顿以下,无需人体消化,吸收快。保留了人参中最珍贵的三大活性成分:人参肽、人参皂甙、人参多糖,同时富含18种氨基酸、多种皂苷、微量元素等。 突破了几千年来人参传统服用方式里的“易上火、易浪费、吸收少”的弊病,解决了传统服用人参无科学依据的问题,探寻到了人参具有活性功效的理论数据。同时,经过现代工艺生产而出的人参肽产品解决了人参中重金属残留与农药残留的问题,对国内乃至世界人参产业及小分子肽产业起到了巨大而深远的影响。


Sinopharm Peptide Valley Ginseng Peptide uses five-year-old Changbai Mountain ginseng as its raw material and uses patented biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology to propose small molecular oligopeptides comparable to "golden". The molecular weight of ginseng peptide is below 1000 daltons, so it does not need to be digested by the human body, and it is absorbed quickly. Ginseng peptides retain the three most precious active ingredients in ginseng: ginseng peptides, ginsenosides, and ginseng polysaccharides. At the same time, it is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids, various saponins, and trace elements.

Ginseng peptides have broken through the disadvantages of "easy to get angry, easy to waste, and less absorption" in the traditional way of taking ginseng for thousands of years, solving the problem of no scientific basis for traditional taking ginseng, and exploring theoretical data on the active effects of ginseng. At the same time, the ginseng peptide products produced by modern technology solve the problem of heavy metal residues and pesticide residues in ginseng, and have a huge and far-reaching impact on the domestic and even global ginseng industry and small molecule peptide industry.

Sinopharm Peptide Ginseng Peptide has also passed the EU-standard Swiss SGS188 pesticide-free test, the Anti-Doping Center of the State General Administration of Sport, the 12 pesticide-free test of the Chinese Academy of Inspections, and the molecular weight test of Jiangnan University. Testing by authoritative institutions at home and abroad, such as the testing of heavy metals in Nepal and the peptide content testing of the National Food Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.