Energising Tonic Soup ⼗全⼤补汤 -110g


Sai Hing Energising Tonic Soup Pack 110g (Serves 2-3 persons)


  • - Helps to improve liver functions and appetite
  • - Regulates metabolism
  • - Improves eye health
  • - Strengthens heart and boosts inner energy
  • - Enhances physical strength

Cooking Method: Cook herbs and 200g of ingredients of your choice for 2 hours in 2L of water

Premium quality Free from Sulphur dioxide, artificial flavoring, and other preservatives.

Store in cool and dry place

Note: Please store in refrigerator to maintain freshness if intended to consume after 30 days

*Not suitable for pregnant women*

世兴十全大补汤 110g ( 2-3 人份享用)


  • - 养肝明目
  • - 大补元气
  • - 增进食欲
  • - 增强新陈代谢

煮法: 可将个人所喜爱的食材(200g 鸡肉/排骨/蔬菜等)加 2 公升水,煮 2 小时即可食 用 精心挑选优质材料.

不含硫磺, 人造色素, 防腐剂与调味料. 置放于阴凉处

注意: 若预期存放超过 30 天, 建议放入冰箱保鲜